"Be yugamine! No shabu-shabu!" -- Billy Herrington



BE yugamine! NO shabu-shabu!

Yugamineena (歪みねえな) is a Japanese word popularly used in Gachimuchi videos, derived from a mishearing of Billy Herrington saying, "You got me mad now."

It literally means, "You're not twisted", but it can also be an informal compliment that means, "You're awesome", which since its appearance in "Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3" has become a compliment or a positive adjective by Japanese fans.

It is also a part of the "Fairy Philosophy", as the principle known as "The Heart of Praise".


  • Some Japanese Vocaloid music videos based on Gachimuchi are known as "歪音エナ" ("Yugamine-ENA").
  • One of the International Wrestling Festivals is known as "Yugami-Night".

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