Thomas papillon

Thomas Papillon.

"Dreams, hope, thank you." - The quote Thomas is paired up with on Nico Nico Douga

"Thomas Papillon." - dozens of disgruntled viewers who were disappointed that the IWF of 2017 did not make it in time due to technical difficulties.

Thomas Papillon is a heavy-bodied man who starred with Danny Lee and other engineers at "Junkyard Boyz". In his exhibition scene he is shown with a fishnet.

Role in Gachimuchi Edit


Thomas Papillon and a fishnet.


Thomas Papillon slipping during a scene where he is running away from the people on an opposing team during a water gun fight.

Thomas Papillon is a character known for the clip in Junkyard Boyz where he walks out from inbetween junk cars and stares into the camera, where the words "Thomas Papillon" appear on his chest.

He is used in Gachimuchi videos because of the humorous quality that comes with his confused stare into the camera.

Strangely, Thomas Papillon is not known to say anything in the whole Junkyard Boyz movie aside for him laughing during the water gun scene.

"Thomas Papillon." Edit

【Collaboration】International Wrestling Festival 2017 -Thomas Come Papillon-【Gay Year's Eve】

【Collaboration】International Wrestling Festival 2017 -Thomas Come Papillon-【Gay Year's Eve】

Thomas Papillon.

Due to a click-and-bait video about Thomas Papillon as the subject of the International Wrestling Festival of 2017, he became a popular character.

Trivia Edit

  • Thomas Papillon

    A painting of the true Thomas Papillon, by Godfrey Kneller.

    He is not to be confused with the English merchant and politician Thomas Papillon, who worked for the East India Trading Company.