Tales from the Foxhole is an American film produced by All Worlds Video, directed by Dirk Yates, co-created by Dirk Yates and Dan Cross, and was released in 1999. The film takes place in the perspective of two marines and stars Leo Lyons, Lane Fuller, Matt Bandero, Lee Johnson, and Billy Herrington. It is one of many sources of Gachimuchi videos.


In this video, two young soldiers discuss about their homosexual experiences before nightfall. In Leo's dream, a bare-chested sergeant (played by Billy Herrington) catches Lane and Matt pleasuring themselves. Angered by this, Billy punishes his entire unit by forcing them to ejaculate onto the D.I.'s hat. Before this, Billy punishes the wee-wee pullers by forcing them to perform fellatio. Billy also has anal sex with Lane.

Jeremy Spencer's Summary on the dream sequenceEdit

Lyons gets some shut-eye as Fuller keeps watch. Then we have the dream sequence. In the dream, Lyons pictures a roomful of Marines (London, Fuller, Lyons, Weston, Matt Bandero and Lee Johnson) after hours. Fuller is stroking away as Bandero watches from above, stroking his own uncut weapon. Into this comes gorgeous (but severely shaved) Drill Instructor Billy Herrington. Pissed at the conduct going on in his platoon, Herrington drags the troop off and forces both Fuller and Bandero (the culprits) to suck his cock while the others stand against the wall, cocks standing at attention. Ultimately, Herrington fucks Fuller after Fuller has blown the row of Marines, and Bandero buries his tongue deep into London's ass. (London loves it.) Herrington shoots his wad in Fuller's mouth, who drools it out and practically gives himself a semen facial. Then Herrington orders the rest to shoot on his D.I. hat.


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  • Billy Herrington's lines found in the dream sequence before and during the gay dream sequence.
  • The gay dream sequence in its entirety.
  • "Atten-TION!"
  • Lee Johnson's frowned expression.


  • A foxhole is a hole dug into the ground where soldiers hide from enemies to recover, or fire at enemies while taking less damage. Its name was derived from holes dug by foxes as their shelters and homes.
American ww2 army base hospital

An army base.

  • An army base is a place where soldiers are trained, and tasked either to attack enemies or defend other places, depending on their location.
    • Every army base usually has rows of buildings for soldiers to sleep (barracks) or eat in (mess hall), and several buildings where they are taught on how to fight or command other soldiers in battle, where they store their weapons and supplies, and offices for higher officials and commanders. There are also open spaces and pools for soldiers either to train themselves for combat, or to play sports. All of these buildings are surrounded by a fence or a wall, to make it more diffult for enemies to break in and attack.
  • The experiences of soldiers subjected to possible humiliating acts by their sergeants, or by each other, are a source of humor in pop culture.
  • The film apparently references another adult film The Few, the Proud, the Naked! 4.


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