"And you! Better watch yourself, dude. 'Cause you are fucking playing with fire with me."
―Cameron Sage to Steve Cassidy in the film Playing with Fire 2: Burn with Passion.

Seth Dickens (Japanese: くりぃむしちゅー池, Creamstew Ikeda) is an American actor. He was born in January 11, 1977 in Minnesota, United States.


Seth Dickens debuted into the gay porn industry at the age of 22 or 23. Before that, Seth worked for the U.S. Marines.


His fan nickname, "くりーむしちゅー 池田" (Kuriimushichuu Ikeda) was derived from his face resembling those of two Japanese comedians who work in the group "Cream Stew" (くりぃむしちゅー). It was also derived from Billy Herrington's misheard line while he wrestled against Danny Lee, "Why don't you get up?"


Seth Dickens not only appeared in Playing With Fire 2: Burn with Passion, but he also acted as a cowboy and a soldier (in "Hearts and Minds").

Role in GachimuchiEdit

He is well-known for his long chin (photoshopped into many pictures and videos) and his "You!" quote. "You!" can either be used as a musical instrument, one of Seth's means of attacking akin to a laser beam (can be misheard as "Pew!"), or as a humorous addition to Gachimuchi videos.

In fan videos, he is also shown as working in Tsuyoshi Industries.


Playing with Fire 2: Burn with PassionEdit

Cameron Sage HQ

"And you! Better watch yourself, dude."

Lecture with Bo GarrettEdit

  • "Watch where you're going, fag boy!"
  • "Shut up, fuckhead."
  • "And you! Better watch yourself, dude. 'Cause you are fucking playing with fire with me."
  • "Let's go."


See alsoEdit

  • Bo Garrett, for his financial problems ("It's a loan!") and being the Semen Arsonist.
  • Steve Cassidy, for his crouching position, his funny face, and "Why don't you get fucked?"
  • Andrew Addams, for being the news reporter responsible for giving Bo a name in the Semen Arsonist.
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