Ricardo Milos (Japanese: ロナウ自慰ニョ Hepburn: Ronaujiinyo) is a Brazilian former escort and actor. He was born on November 11, 1977 in Rio, Brazil, South America. He is of Greek and Canadian descent.


Ricardo Milos' nickname is a sexual pun on the Brazilian former professional footballer and ambassador for Barcelona's nickname, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, which is Ronaldinho. In addition, the innocent nickname has been converted with the terms ナウい (Naui, naughty), 自慰 (Jii, masturbation), and finally a clever inclusion of ニョ (Nyo, pee).

In Japanese, Ricardo Milos' name is transcribed as Rikarudo Mirosu (リカルド・ミロス).


Ricardo Milos was born along with his twin brother, in Rio, Brazil, South America. However, he and his brother were adopted, with a Greek father and a Canadian mother. Ricardo had been modeling for over 10 years and his father, a professional photographer who taught him how to take good photos as well as how to pose in photos.

Ricardo's hobbies are taking pictures, body building, jet skiing, dining out, bowling, collecting DVDs and MP3s. His favorite colors are red, green, and gold. He also likes Snoopy from The Peanuts.

Ricardo's website,, has since ceased to provide Ricardo Milos' information as well as the Japanese health care products that came into place of the domain. The domain is possibly open for purchase.

Ricardo Milos' only film appearance was in Jockbutt, a film that was produced by Mark Wolff Productions and directed by Mark Wolff himself on November 26, 2006.

On April 9, 2019, Ricardo Milos had finally come out and stated that the memes related to the Jockbutt dance did not benefit him in any way and said that he is raising his child. He had also said that legal procedures for unauthorized, illegal use of his imagery in the Jockbutt dance will be used in order to remove them. As a result of this, the Chinese counterpart to Nico Nico Douga, Bilibili, eventually took down a lot of Gachimuchi oriented video including videos of popular characters.

Role in Gachimuchi

In contrast to his fame, Ricardo Milos is a minor character in the Gachimuchi universe. One of the many dancers.

Regardless, he is rather popular for his inclusion in fan and music videos:

1. Ricardo Milos dancing to's Butterfly (Swing Mix). It led to redrawings of Ricardo Milos as a Touhou character, for example. Milos' dance moves, found in the original video, would later lead to people dancing to that remix of Butterfly with Milos' dance moves and those same dance moves would also later get ripped in games.
2. Ricardo Milos being used as a bait-and-switch in any video.
3. Ricardo Milos' dance moves, such as his arm movement, dance-to-butt slap, his turns, and his thrusting.
4. Ricardo Milos being included in Gachimuchi oriented videos as a humorous addition.


Main article: Jockbutt (film)

In Jockbutt, Ricardo Milos is the very first bodybuilder dancer that appears in the film. His part of the film lasts approximately 11 minutes. In his well known appearance, he wears a United States of America themed thong, a necklace, black buckle boots, and a red paisley patterned kerchief.

In his second appearance, he removes the thong for a black jockstrap, removes his black buckle boots to become bare foot, and removes his red paisley patterned kerchief. Ricardo dances for the fat, hairy cameraman and straddles him. The cameraman touches Ricardo in several places at numerous times.

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