Here is a list of soramimi, as heard by Chinese Gachimuchi fans from China and Taiwan, along with many other terms not soramimi-related.

空耳名單 Edit

  • Take a little souvenier and turn around - 这世界太乱(DL)
  • Oh, hold on - 哦,好大(BH)
    • oh, hao da! - (Oh, how big)
  • How do you like that, huh?! - 乖乖站好(BH)
    • guai guai zhan hao - Stand like a good [boy]
  • Hey buddy, you've got the wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down. - 我也是个广东人,所以我们是老乡(MW)
    • wo ye shi Guangdong ren, suoyi wo men shi lao xiang - (I am also a Cantonese, so we are fellow villagers)
  • You getting mad? - 易建联(NS)
    • (Yi Jianlian) - a famous basketball player from China.
  • Like embarrassing me, huh?! - 我要搞死你啊(BH)
    • wo yao gai si ni ah - (I wanna "work" you up)
  • Huh, like that son?! - 啊,幻想乡(BH)
    • a, huan xiang xiang - (Ah, Gensoukyou ) - The place where all Touhou Project stories take place.
  • Attention! - 帕秋丽GO(BH)
    • Paiqiuli GO! - (Patchouli, go!) - coincidentally similar to the Japanese soramimi
  • Do you like watching me? - do you like 帕秋丽
    • do you like Paiqiuli?
  • Do you like what you see? - do you like玩游戏(VD)
    • do you like wan youxi? (do you like to play games?)
  • Oh my shoulder - 哦卖萧的(BH)
    • oh, mai xiao de - (oh sell some xiao flutes)
  • That's power, son, that's power - 来吃炮了,来吃炮了(BH)
    • lai chi pao liao, lai chi pao liao! - (come and eat a cannon, come and eat a cannon!)
  • Ohohohoho, ganging up! - 哦吼吼全给党
    • oh hou hou, quan gei dang! - (Ohoho, give it all to the party!)
  • Deep dark fantasy - 弟大翻着洗(VD)
    • di da fan zhe xi - (little bro turned over to be washed)
  • F***ing slaves, get your ass back here! - 我们一起来拉大便(VD)
    • wo men lai, yi qi la da bian - (let's come and pull some refuse)

其他俚語 Edit

范·達克霍姆 / VAN Darkholme Edit

  • 暗♂黑 (an♂hei) - "Deep♂dark", a translation of Van's quote "Deep, dark fantasies".
  • FA - From one of his insults towards Mark Wolff, which is also used to make musical remixes.

比利·海靈頓 / Billy Herrington Edit

  • 兄贵 (xiong gui) - "Brother Precious", or "Aniki" (borrowed from Japanese), a friendly term for Billy Herrington as a gentle giant.

大笑 / LOL Edit

  • 23333 (er san san san san) - A Chinese equivalent of American LOL and the Japanese "www", especially as users wanted to convey their amusement more quickly. It may sound a bit like "ah-hahahaha", and more 3's can be added to emphasize one's amused reaction. In video games, it instead means "retreat, retreat!" or "spread out!"
  • 哈哈哈 (ha ha ha) - Its meaning is obvious from its pronunciation.

還有其他 / Still others Edit

  • 哲♂學 (zhe♂xue) - Philosophy♂. Used more often in China and Taiwan as a tag or a term for Gachimuchi-related things.
  • 鬼畜 (gui chu) - Kichiku, a term borrowed from Japanese that originally referred to monster characters (such as the majority of Touhou girls) that later refers to MAD music remixes like those from Nico Nico Douga.

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