Daniel Freeman (Japanese: 畑山ベーコン, Hatakeyama Bacon) is an actor who starred in Junkyard Boyz with other notable actors such as Kazuya. He is often associated with the "Eezo! Eezo!" (ええぞ!ええぞ!) sound byte when Danny Lee was throwing some tires to his co-workers.


In Japanese, fans refer him as "Hatakeyama Bacon" (畑山ベーコン), due to his resemblance to the Japanese lightweight boxer Takanori Hatakeyama and the American film star Kevin Bacon. The "Bacon" part of his name was also derived from his "Eezo! Eezo!" line.

Role in GachimuchiEdit

In Gachimuchi, he is often known for his iconic smile.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hands up! Hands up!"